Sunday, May 5, 2013

a forgotten dream

A number of years ago I held a craft class at home in the garden, it was lovely but Alyssa was only a few months old and I wasn't able to keep it up. Many people approached me afterwards to ask if they could come and when the next one would be. I really wanted to continue but its never felt like the right time/place. That was nearly 12 years ago.

Then about 5 years ago my friend Sue (who passed away in Feb) and I started a successful knitting group, it has grown and now has a lovely group of friends who meet weekly. It has now taken on a life of its own, I still attend but another member/friend has taken over the reigns and is running it beautifully. This was a lovely season, but it was not my dream, this was a bonus on the way.

My dream was to have my own venue.

Recently we acquired another property, and Sos gave me the go ahead to run my craft classes/club there, and Im so excited! The venue is perfect and I just know we are going to have the perfect group of ladies to join us!

Now I get the very exciting task of stamping my own style onto the rooms (decorating) and the garden... there is a beautiful enclosed courtyard that is fully paved and I want to transform it into a Parisian/Italian style courtyard with a fountain and some benches ... then there is a huge room that I can use for the crafts, 4.5m x 6.9m ... my mind is racing, and I cant stop smiling about the adventures that lie ahead.

I have been so distracted and disappointed over the last few years pursuing the dream of having another baby, we have lost 3 pregnancies in this very difficult season. So this old dream that has come true has been a surprise that I never could have imagined. 12 years later my dream is coming true!

God is good.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I so wish I was close enough to join in, but wish you every joy and success, I am sure you will make it fabulous!! lotsa love, lulu

Carle said...

Yes, God is good xx