Sunday, May 26, 2013

gardening, beading, SA style smores

We had a tree cut down which opened up a huge new area to be gardened, its taken weeks to get it this far and its looking lovely! The fencing is up temporarily to stop the dogs from trampling the seedlings
And I have laid stepping stones into a hopscotch pattern :)

This is the vegetable garden side

The rose bush is thriving with extra sunlight

I made the cookies for children's church today (1-3 year olds) but yesterday was so busy that by last night I was so tired so instead of real baking I made smores!
Place a marie biscuit with a marshmallow on top in the microwave for 20 seconds, then squish another marshmallow on top as soon as it is finished.
The theme this week was "The Lord is my shepherd" so I found this picture online, printed out a whole lot and put one in each bag with the cookie.
The children loved them (which really means I didn't find any squished up on the floor after class!)
I've been beading, Fruit of the Spirit - grey
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