Wednesday, June 19, 2013

bouncing egg, knitting & plumbing

Emily wants to take part in the science fair, and I found this very cute idea online, its called "the naked egg" but we have called it the bouncing egg.
It took about 2 weeks of soaking a raw egg in vinegar for the shell to dissolve off ... and now we have a shell-less egg (that smells of vinegar)
Because the shell is gone and the membrane is thin the egg has grown!
Its very strange watching the yolk float to the top whichever way you turn the egg!

I knit some fingerless gloves

And we had a leak so the plumbers came in to find it ... here they were following the pipe from the kitchen

And then outside to preserve the new bathroom, the leak was in the wall! I was so glad when they found it. it is fixed now and they will repair the brickwork in the next few days.
The tiling damage is behind the washing machine so that will be patched up for now.

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