Friday, June 7, 2013

pancakes, craft club

Our first craft club went so well, we all made bracelets!  To appreciate this picture fully you need to know that:
- the ceiling was wooden & took a few coats of white paint to cover
- the walls were repainted
- the floor was tiled
- these curtains were part of the batch that took me 3 hours to iron
- we took ages finding the right chairs and tables
- the plates are all 2 tier cake stands filled with beads!
- the day before I fell and hurt my elbow quite badly, xrays show it is not broken ... the bruise is impressive
Here are the flowers I got at the greengrocer nearby

I love Harrys Pancakes, we went there the other day (after going into town to get the tables & chairs) ... now you see it

now you don't!

I got an amazing cutter that cuts these ornaments out of paper - this is printer paper.

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