Saturday, July 13, 2013

July staycation - gold reef city

A really fun place to go in Gauteng is Gold Reef City
Its a really fun theme park, full of old fashioned buildings and signs. There are a few houses to explore, a trip into the mine (we were not brave enough!) and lots of fun things to do if you like rides or not.
Here is one of the buildings with lovely old signs on the side

Bunnies in the farm section
Peacocks were everywhere and this one even showed us his feathers!
 Another farmyard scene, I loved how the chickens were all over this old tractor!
Alpaca - so cute!
Scary rides that I do not do!

Lovely signs, here is a curio shop

You have to come past this shop and have something dipped in the chocolate fountain!
We stayed the night in the hotel which is located inside the theme park, it was lovely.

In the morning there was a beautiful buffet waiting for breakfast, after breakfast we raced around the park getting in line first (as everyone else was still queueing buying their entrance tickets) for all the rides that had long queues the day before.
But there was no need, as it turned out Mondays are quiet days and so the park was empty, queues were short and everyone got to do lots of rides.
Things to take note of:
  • It is a smoking park, so other guests and staff smoke everywhere
  • It is closed on Mondays, except for school holidays.
  • Monday is the best day to go in the school holidays.
  • They are strict with height requirements, 1.3 and shorter can not do the scary rides. The requirements were stricter than Disney.
  • If you stay overnight in the hotel you get 2 days entrance into the theme park and breakfast

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