Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I cant begin to tell you how ridiculously happy I was this morning when I went outside to have a close look at my vegetable garden and I saw peas!

They are beautiful! Its my first time growing peas, I actually went to buy sweet peas but the nursery was sold out and I bought these instead.

So I picked off the first few and we sampled them, and they taste like peas :) nothing amazing, but they are mine and they are growing in my garden, so that makes them amazing!

There is also some lettuce and a few radish, the carrot seeds did not take. But I have A LOT more since I keep buying bags of carrot seeds so I will try again in a month or two.
There are some celery and chive plants too, and quite a few pretty flowers, they are growing slowly because of the cold, but still flowering well.

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