Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Catching up

This new season is exhausting but fulfilling. I have been busy every single day for the last few weeks, its a full time job squeezed inside an already full life.

In the last few weeks I have been on a French Cooking course with THE RED CHEF where we made

cheese soufflé

 champignon fillet

crème brulee

The day was really fun and I enjoyed trying the new recipes, I made my first soufflé and my first crème brulee. Since SA Masterchef 2 is currently airing on TV at the moment it felt like the perfect time to be doing a course like this.

A few days later I went and bought a torch to make my own brulee at home, I made a small mistake in my first attempt (added all the sugar instead of half!) but it was still very good!

The following week I went for a patchwork cushion class, making really pretty poinsettia style folded flowers, I still have to finish my cushion - but here is a picture in progress.

And here is the teachers sample, this one looks like water lilies!

Craft Club has been going well, lots of exciting things planned there. In the meantime we had a knitting class (fingerless gloves & mittens) and a bath product class where we made sachets and fizz balls and lovely smelling things.
This week we are making 4 kinds of pickles, I made 2 sample batches over the weekend but we ate them all! So I need to make some more!

My garden is flourishing, I found a pea pod that I had missed picking earlier, that had got huge. The skin was very fibrous so I didn't eat it, but the peas inside were WONDERFUL! I don't know if I have ever had fresh garden peas before, so now Im letting the other pods sit on the plant a bit longer, the fresh plump peas inside are definitely worth the wait!
I love being able to go into the vegetable garden and pick a salad -in winter- so far the salad consists of lettuce, chives, celery, peas and very small radish ... I could decorate it with viola flowers & nasturtiums but I haven't tried it yet!

My studio is looking so beautiful and inviting at the moment, I got some solar powered Chinese lanterns to hang across the entrance.

And finally we went to a function at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton last week, I loved the décor!
Candelabras on the tables, beautiful wall paper that looked like fabric, monogramed plates, textured ceilings ... lots to look at :)

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