Monday, August 26, 2013

quick trip to Cape Town

2 weeks ago we went to Cape Town, it was a 30 hour drive and we only stayed there for 40 hours! As we drove into Cape Town there was snow on the mountains - so beautiful!

all the wildflowers were blooming, there were also splashes of purple in this sea of yellow. 

On Sat morning we raced out to a few of our favourite places to stock up on Cape goodies, the last time we were there was 3 years ago!
While at a market I spotted Masterchef SA judge Peter Goffe-Wood, he was very friendly and I got a photo with him and an autographed copy of his cookbook!  

Then it was off to the beach for 30 minutes, because that's what us "gauties" like to do! The children LOVED collecting seashells and throwing back 1 starfish over and over again. I'm not sure it wanted to be rescued!

Then it was a scenic drive to Paarl where we attended a wedding (that was the reason for the trip) and the scenery was lovely!

The wedding was great 

The next day we were up early, greeted by stormy weather, and it was time to go home!

The drive home was long and stressful, after Bloemfontein we hit a 3 hour storm, full of thunder, lightening, rain & hail. We were very glad to get home safely 

This is how big the strawberries were! That's my hand! 


ruthsplace said...

Your pictures made me homesick for Cape Town. I used to live near those mountains.

Glad you got home safely. We've done the same drive in the same conditions and it's scary!

Vikki said...

I know its such a beautiful place. I could easily live there!