Monday, September 23, 2013

September catchup

What a busy month September has been!

We went to a warehouse book sale and got great bargains - they were sold by the kilogram!

One day Sos took me past a great quilting store to buy fabric and then onto Godfathers for lunch ... these wine glasses were MASSIVE!

The ladies at the craft club made seashell charm bracelets (in time for summer!)

Then there was the day at the International Quilt Conference at Emperors Palace. I stocked up on some craft supplies and crafting magazines.
I really enjoyed the displays and took pictures of all the ones that inspired me.

This one is a sack of thimbles!

And this one was more fascinating when I heard a friend of the quilter telling the process. She (apparently) spread the fabric on her dining table and it sat there for a few days while she waited for inspiration ... then suddenly it hit her and she traced around plates, embroidered the designs with her machine, attached 3d food and real knives and forks!
It was such a fun arty piece before ... but after hearing the story it was even more special

I really like these flowers, beads in the centers

These ones had buttons in the centers

The next day I went back to the show and helped my friend at her yarn stall, it was lovely, I got to talk about yarn/needles/patterns ALL day long :)

I finished this blanket over the weekend, its about 1m x 1m. I really like the fun colours, I used a self stripe yarn.

Alyssa turned 12 this month - time flies! We got a red velvet cake to celebrate but we all decided we don't like red velvet cake!! :)

The garden is looking beautiful, the daylilies I bought at the beginning of the year have started to flower, such pretty colours! I will have to take the camera out there later.


ruthsplace said...

I am jealous of your book sale!

The bracelets look fabulous and thanks for sharing the quilt show pictures.

Your blanket is making my fingers itch to start crocheting...

Vikki said...

The book sale was wonderful, its with exclusive books so the quality of the books was high. Lots of art / craft & recipe books for me :)

The crochet blanket was my quickest yet, it took 9 days, it would have been a week but I left it at my SILs house for 2 days :/