Wednesday, October 2, 2013

holiday adventures and yarn :)

We had a very busy 1 week of school holidays, one night we went out (adults) to a comedy show at Emperors palace in Jhb.

Then we went off to a game farm for a few days, what an experience! Rain spiders, Mozambican spitting cobra in the swimming pool, hot days and nights.

 I  prepared (chopped the veg not cooking!) and ate my first potjie, behind it was the potbrood that turned out well.

Back home again, and I had this waiting in the mail. Its yarn from Norway. My parents were there and found this on their travels!

Last night we took the children to the circus, its the first time they have been to an old fashioned circus - we were amazed by the Dancing men from Zimbabwe, the daredevil stunt guy from Australia and all the animals.
Today my Spring swap parcel was waiting at the post office, Gina wrapped it so beautifully

Its lovely, it has: handcream, a strawberry cloth, a butterfly, gladiolus bulbs, manos del Urauguay yarn and some pretty decorations

Plus I received a whole bag of sock yarn from Kat, so its becoming a very yarny week :)

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