Monday, January 6, 2014

a week into the new year

a week into 2014 and I have been busy!

I have been making squares for a blanket Im working on, its a weekly part-work publication so I get 4 issues in the mail every month ... I am a bit behind and counted I have 18 squares left to make (crochet & knitting) so Im persevering so I can be caught up

My passion fruit /granadilla has fruit on it ... I am so excited! But Im not sure if the will mature as everything I have read says that they will not fruit in the first year. I will have to wait and see.

My garden is looking lovely, the rain has been great for the flowers, and I have been picking LOTS of cherry tomatoes every second day... most of them go straight to the freezer and I use them for sauces.
I love being able to walk in the garden and pick some flowers for a vase, even if it is a very small vase :)

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