Sunday, February 9, 2014

after Christmas sales

Here in South Africa you can still pick up items on the after Christmas sales! Last week I got a few panettone's and pandoro's

We got a panettone for the first time, just before Christmas - and I was not impressed. But the next few that were significantly reduced in price, were much better.

Don't you just love the Romeo & Juliet packaging!

First I sliced it like a cake, but the wedges are too big and it is dry.
So the next one I sliced it into rings and treated it like a bread ... and it was much better. Toasted with butter melting into it, or made into a sandwich with jam in the middle ... it is very good.

We haven't tried the pandoro yet, I suspect it is more cake-like than the panettone.

I love eating food from countries I want to visit :)

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