Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keith Kirsten

Today was lovely, I went to a gardening talk with Keith Kirsten, he was very funny and interesting.

We had to book last week and they only had 45 seats available, 2 of my friends were also able to get a seat and I went EARLY so we got seats in the front row!

They handed out a few prizes, I saw this book and thought it was amazing, I was not a winner ... however the bookshop next door had them, so I dashed off, bought a copy and raced back to get it autographed!

We also got amazing goodie bags from Builders Warehouse with 2 dvds, a keyring, pen, booklets, fertilizer & bug poison, plus a tray of seedlings and 3 plants, as well as a lovely snacks.
It was such a fun morning out :)

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