Friday, March 14, 2014

The Gardener Live Expo

I had a really fun morning today, earlier this month I bought The Gardener magazine, inside was a free ticket to the Gardener Live Expo. It was only valid for today.

Armed with my map & gps I set off. I didn’t get lost (YAY) and it was pleasantly quiet – the weather was miserable but it didn’t rain when I was there.
First I saw some nice gardens, I like how they mixed these 2 plants here – I could do this at home

Then some HUGE pumpkins from living seeds

Then the Ludwig's stand, so lovely ... I could have bought so many plants – but I don’t have much space left in my garden for planting! I saw the catalogue where I saw my dear fried Sue’s rose listed.
Then they announced it was time to Listen to Tanya Visser's talk, and I managed to get a front row seat. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of her, but she was hilarious and we all laughed so much! She showed us how to make pots (using cement and coir), I would like to try it soon.
Then it was off to see the displays in the tents, there were LOTS of orchids. I'm not good at growing them (i.e. mine never flower again) so I took lots of pictures and was not tempted to buy any!
Because it was so quiet it was nice to chat to the stall owners. I got advice on some products I already own, some organic snail bait and lots of inspiration.
There was a PPC cement gift bag when I arrived, filled with pamphlets, a Gardener magazine (last months issue that I don't have) and a sample of fertilizer. Biogrow was also handing out samples of plant food. And Ludwig's were handing out copies of their catalogue. I thought the gift bag was really nice considering I got a free ticket.
There was a tea area but I didn't stop to eat or drink and the gourmet food area will only open tomorrow.


ruthsplace said...

Looks like a lovely day out. We have great success with orchids here but not much success with anything else due to the heat.

Were the cement giftbags from wrendesigns? She has a lovely range of bags from recycled materials including cement bags, made in Cape Town.

Vikki said...

Hi Ruth :)

No they were regular cardboard promotional bags. I have seen the Wren bags - they are great!