Thursday, May 22, 2014


I love browsing in the serviette (napkin) section of my fav home store, I hardly ever buy them because I always think ... I could make them myself.
But I never get around to it.

Well this week I finally got around to it, I made 6 so far

I had this fabric cut out to make bags, so I cut those down a bit more (to about 25cm squares)

I didn't bother with mitred hems or anything complicated, I just turned the edge fabric over twice (so raw seam is inside) and sewed, as you can see my corner is not amazing.
But its time to get over the perfectionism :)
And did you know, no-one even noticed my edging seams last night when we used them for dinner!
Can you see I even ironed them!
This was to show you how lovely the fabric is, every now and again there is a little ladybird too.

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