Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Melted record bowls and the Hard Rock Cafe

Look what I did today
After dinner when the oven was still warm

I melted records :)
to make bowls!
Isnt it great!

Yesterday I went to the Hard Rock Café for lunch ... it was really nice!
It was the first time Id ever been to a Hard Rock before
I was so happy to see Tree 63s guitar on display there.
I knew the band years ago when I was a teenager and we used to go to their concerts in Durban.

What a menu ... here is their Strawberry & Basil Lemonade. I might try this at home next time I have strawberries

And the burger ... Ive been off meat for a while so it was a big deal to get a burger.
But it was my birthday and it was worth it, and the chips were delicious too

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