Thursday, July 17, 2014

my hand dyed wool

I tried hand dying wool for the first time
At first I though it was aweful
But then I started winding into a ball and I LOVE IT

There are only 2 balls, I just took lots of photos :)

This one is sport weight, it has blues, greens, yellows and greys in it.

This one is sock weight, it has greens, yellows and orange in it, I entered this into one of the Disney challenges (on Ravelry) and earned a badge :)

I have 2 more to unravel, but they are actually quite plain compared to these two!


ruthsplace said...

Your yarn looks great. Isn't dyeing fun? I did my first lot of dyeing a few weeks ago and had a blast!

Vikki said...

Thanks Ruth :)
It is fun, next I want to try making a self stripe.
Ive just had a quick look at your blog (its been ages!) what wonderful photos from your trip!!