Friday, August 22, 2014

Gardener Academy

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Gardener Academy, its part of the Gardener magazine.
It was held at a nursery nearby.
Plantae Orchids had a lovely display of orchids for sale

Then Tinus Oberholzer (Plantae Orchids) gave an interesting lecture on how "everyone can grow orchids" ... and now I know why I kill mine!
Orchids are not all the same, and each type needs to be cared for differently.

After the orchid lecture there was snacks outside, they were so pretty and delicious!
These were cheesy latkes, topped with cream cheese, a rollup of ham, cheese block and a spring onion leaf poking out the top.

The quiche was spinach and feta, topped with cream cheese and a slice of cherry tomato. It was tiny, and looked like it was made in a chocolate mould.

The vegetable parcel was cooked vegetables slices (Im not sure how they were cooked) pushed into the center of 2 cucumber rings and covered with a mustard sauce
The biscuit at the bottom, was a cheese pinwheel, topped with cream cheese, half an olive, sundried tomato and a spring onion leaf bent in half
There were also some sweet items but I didn't eat those

(this was a side plate - so all these snacks were little, which is why I was so impressed with them!)

The next lecture was by Roy Trendler (Sunkloof Nursery) He spoke about attracting wildlife to your garden - it was very interesting.
Finally Tanya Visser (editor of The Gardener magazine) gave us "potting recipes for summer pots"
She is very funny and we all laughed so much!

We were all given a pot plant, magazine, notes from the lectures and a pen.
There were also quite a few prizes handed out (plants, bird feeders, even the terracotta pot above!)
It was a lovely inspiring morning.
Just what I needed!

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