Monday, August 11, 2014

more in the garden

Daffodil in bloom, so pretty and I just love the happy yellow colour!

I love growing veg and flowers together, you can see a few weeds in the background. I ask the garden service not to dig here, because I don't want seeds disturbed. Every now and again I come in and take out the biggest weeds (and the ones that are flowering) but quite often when something flowers I find its not a weed at all!
Here are spinach and primulas

I'm really trying hard to leave these peas until they get bigger ... its worth the wait ... but it is hard!

I held these two up to the light and saw that the peas inside were a nice size so I opened them and ate them ... they were good!

Here are some pretty daisies in the background, another self seeded annual. I've been transplanting them whenever I can so I can spread them all over the garden

Here is the rocket, gone to flower, I have left it - it fills a spot and will hopefully reseed itself. I'm not sure if it ruins the taste (as with lettuce)
I like to eat it in salad or with sliced tomatoes on a sandwich

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