Sunday, August 17, 2014

party time

Well its our last under 10 party, Ben turned 9 last month and we are had his party this weekend. When my children turn 10 they get more grown up parties (invite just 5 friends out) so was the last one with family friends, adults and some siblings.

We had it at the local putt-putt venue, they did all the decorations. It was set up so nicely.

I bought these spiderman brown paper bags a few years ago in USA - they are the party packs with a few sweets and some chips inside

Then I made some Cake Pops ( I made about 48 of these!) they have chocolate cake in the middle and are dipped in chocolate. We put one into each party pack as well.

Lemon tarts & sweets

Corn dogs & cheese sandwiches


Cake (Ben arranged the hulk decorations into a 9) the Shark is to represent the rugby team we support,

It was a fun party

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