Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Deeghuys ... Im told it means dough house

Specialises in frozen unbaked products, Ive heard about it for a while now - and I went for the first time yesterday ... they are worth finding!

I can bake my own bread and rolls, quite well, so I didn't think I would care much about a shop who sells the dough ready made and frozen. But I was so inspired when I walked in and looked through all their freezers!

Yesterday I baked up some Alpenspitz Rolls (no picture sorry) they are whole-wheat with what looks like pumpkin and a few other seeds inside the dough - my bag had no label so I couldn't check the ingredients.

All the other bags are ziplock style - so you can reseal them- and the labels include ingredients, allergens and baking instructions

Today I made Coney Rolls
(the small one is unbaked before)

And chocolate chip cookies, that you just slice and bake - this was "Double chocolate chip cookie"
It made 24 cookies
It really was a great shop to find!
I also bought croissants - I cant wait to have them for breakfast!

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