Saturday, September 27, 2014

flowers & plants in the Cape

Look at this fountain, its planted up!
Each tier has flowers growing in it.
I didn't get a close up - but there was geraniums and pansies in this display

Pelargoniums, it looked like the scented variety but I didn't pick any to check.
Just after I took this photo a tiny yellow and green bird landed in the flowers.

Bloubergstrand, I just love the splash of pink with the stunning view of Cape Town behind it!

Some little yellow flowers growing on the side of the road

I'm sure this is a gooseberry.
I planted one once 13 years ago - then we moved!
They are such a fun fruit in their little lantern casings

close up

I don't know what this is, I have seen it before.
I think it might be an indigenous flower, they look like tiny snap dragons
A bunch of these would look stunning in a vase

More Geraniums, bright pink ones this time.
I never tire of geraniums :)

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