Tuesday, September 2, 2014

fruity summer desert

I cant wait for summer, Im quite tired of this cold weather!
So here is a nice summery desert
(makes 3)
3-4 fresh granadillas / passion fruit
3-4 desert spoons of chopped pineapple (with syrup) from a can
1 clemengold naartjie
300ml yogurt
3 tennis biscuits
1. Scoop out the granadillas, add the pineapple and a bit of syrup to make the granadillas sweet.
Peel, chop and add the clemengold naartjie.
Pour into the bottom of three glasses - use wine glasses if you don't have ice-cream sundae glasses
2. Top with 100ml yoghurt
3. Add the biscuit to the top, and an umbrella if you have one!
* tennis biscuits are a South African biscuit, they have coconut in them
* clemengold naartjies are a sweet easy to peel citrus fruit - use anything similar

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