Thursday, September 18, 2014

in the garden

The roses are in bud, Im really happy about this.
I cut them back properly this year and gave everything in the garden quite a lot of food (compared to normal)
I used bounce back and another organic fertiliser (that I couldn't find when I went back to get more)

The sweet peas are flowering!

And here is a work in progress, this sitting area needs a little tlc.
So I have rounded up all the stray pots and made a big group of them - I will fill them with potting soil and plant them up in a few weeks.
I also used 2 bags of pebbles that I got earlier this year, I poured them around the edges of the paving - at the bottom of the tree trunk there are pinecones.
The stump is going to be a table, I must get some wood to make a table top.
And the bench still needs to been repaired, it will get a nice coat of paint too.
Behind this is a granadilla vine and some pots hanging in the tree.
And finally some salad for dinner, spinach & peas (picked early so we can eat them as snap peas)

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