Thursday, October 30, 2014

in the garden

Ive really been struggling with my garden, the trip made everything dry out. Some things died :(
Anyway I have forced myself to go and look for something that looks lovely and is what I found
1 yellow tomato. The plants have self seeded and one plant is fruiting YAY

A daylily in flower

The rose bushes over the archway are in bloom, they are so pretty

 As you can see the beds are looking a bit bare, I haven't had a chance to go and dig or plant or anything. But they are a blank canvas ... this is where I grow vegetables.
Lettuce and rocket grow well here.
Or maybe carrot and radish ... next week I might have some free time

Nothing has changed in this area, I put 2 cushions on the bench and I have a glass of wine on the tree stump ... I went to a talk earlier this year and the speaker said "when last did you sit in your garden in the evening sipping a glass of wine?" well now I can say I have done it :)
though honestly? I prefer pepsi!

chives in flower

here is that tomato plant I mentioned earlier

the sweet peas are looking so bright and colourful
And the guara looks so romantic blowing in the breeze, this plant was dead for a few years I think the growing conditions weren't right, and somehow by changing the garden a bit it has revived.
I didn't even remember it was there until it started sprouting a few months ago.
But its a pleasant surprise :)

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