Saturday, October 18, 2014


Its been a crazy few weeks, we have been so busy; first we were away, then I was sick, then we had houseguests and then it was back to school this week.

I have been working on a Christmas Blanket, here is one block from it.
And Ive been designing patterns, 2 have been tested in the last week and there are more to come. .
Ive also been reviving my poor garden which took quite a knocking when we were away, it wasn't watered.

On a brighter note the mulberry bush at the back garden is full of fruit, the children have enjoyed picking and eating fruit, and I taught Alyssa (13) how to make jam. She is very proud of her first bottle of Mulberry jam!


Andi said...

Your Christmas blanket is going to be lovely!

Vikki said...

Thanks Andi, Im enjoying it!