Monday, December 29, 2014

a fresh start ... getting ready for next year :)

Look what I got for Christmas! a new bench for my garden :)
doesn't it look great!

I moved the archway and the Chinese lanterns (solar powered) to make a nice entrance to the vegetable garden.
I've planted lots of seeds - some have survived.
I have very greedy snails and other bugs in my garden :(

Ive also been busy in my studio, first I recovered the pinboard in a beautiful fabric "Chateau French Toile" by Wetherlys. I bought this a few years ago and could never find the perfect use for it. 
Then I decided to change the curtains ... and I had just enough fabric to make some matching curtains

Here's a view of the shelves, Ive been tidying and sorting - trying to get everything ordered and accessible. I even left my little step ladder here so I can get to the top shelf easily.
Here is a close up of the curtains

I made yellow flowers last night and hot glued them onto the curtain tie back, I love yellow :) And it matches the other wall so nicely

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