Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas table

I saw this beautiful table setting/décor on the Ideal Home website. I love it and tried to create something similar for our table

I used my glass engraving machine to etch the glasses, it has the year, persons name and holly leaves and berries.

I edged some grey fabric to make a table cloth, and put a strip of hessian (burlap)down the middle of the table to break up the grey.
I could have made the grey cloth into a runner but decided I wanted more of the table top covered.

I used my black chalkboard placemats (I love these!) printed serviettes and used my paper punch to punch out snowflakes to sprinkle over the table

I like the star idea and didn't know if I wanted newspaper in the dining room, so I used printer paper and a paper cutter to make the stars, there are 4. I put them around the mirror - so its similar to my inspiration picture :)

The centrepiece has Emily and Bens pottery angels (candle holders), some pinecones, Christmas ornaments and tin candle holders.
I used clean tin cans, froze water inside - to stop it buckling, then hammered a nail all the way around, I put a tea light candle inside. I thought it looked cute. I wanted to cut out hearts - like in the inspiration picture but didn't get it right.

Instead of crackers, I filled organza bags with sweets and printed out some Christmas jokes that I found on a google search

I am really happy with how it all came together, I like the new colours :)

And the best part was I only had to buy the grey tablecloth fabric and the sweets I used in the organza bags, I had everything else here at home.

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