Sunday, December 7, 2014

lots of mini donuts, home made tea bags ... and another tea cozy

(sing to the tune of "on the first day of Christmas")

Its been a very busy season with no signs of slowing down, I took the last 2 days to just relax at home and catch up with chores and sleep.

Ive made these mini donuts twice in the last 2 weeks. You make them in a machine similar to a waffle machine and its waffle batter so they don't taste like donuts but they are nice.
I cover mine with cinnamon sugar - a batch of 32 takes about 30 minutes.

Earlier this year I got hold of these tea bags, they are empty and you fill them up, then heat seal closed.
I forgot I had them!
I made some tea the other day using a cute heart shaped metal tea strainer - but it was a bit fiddly to open and close ... then I remembered these bags!
so last night and packaged 250g of loose honeybush tea into 28 teabags!
I can wait to try adding tags and mixing a few blends

And I finished another tea cozy, same pattern and yarn as the last one.
Another addition to the gift box

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