Friday, February 13, 2015

a rather random assortment

this rather random assortment is what I picked from the garden this morning.

In here are yellow tomatoes, radish, green peppers, a type of chilli and a granadilla

Last year I tried roasted radish, it was very good. So I think that's where these spicy little gems are headed.
Im not sure about the chilli, it was a seedling we were given and it had no identification ... so Ill have to see how hot it is.
The tomatoes and green peppers get chopped up and frozen - I throw them into other meals (slow cooker meals, bolognaise sauce etc.)
The granadillas are great, my children take them in their lunch boxes to school and Ive been passing on to friends.

I have quite a lot of basil as well, but I pick that just before cooking.
The spinach is being eaten up by something.
And the marrows haven't fruited yet.
A citrus that I planted a few years ago is fruiting - we've been watching those fruit trying to decide what I planted ... it looks like a lemon.

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