Wednesday, February 4, 2015

on a sunny Wednesday morning

Just a quick look through the garden today
There are huge bare patches that I need to work on but here are the highlights
A look through the archway at the vegetable section

courgette/baby marrow flowers, no fruit and some white mildew on the leaves.
I need to investigate this ... see how to fix it 

Durban July rose bush ... this standard is full of blooms at the moment

This is the rose bush underneath the Durban July.
I don't know what its called, when I first planted it the dogs tore it out of its grow bag and ate all the roots off it!
So I didn't think it would survive and I didn't save its details.
But its very soft and pretty as it ages.

In bud form its a bright peach

My block a day sock yarn blanket is going well.
35 squares so far (6 are folded over the top of the bench)

A green pepper, I picked this already.
I have to pick them while they are small or bugs eat them!

And a sweet little snapdragon, tucked away in the wrong place - but thriving

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