Monday, March 30, 2015

little things

The granadilla vines have been wonderful, some days we pick 20 granadillas! Yesterday I picked 12.
Its autumn now so the vine is turning yellow and the last fruits are ripening.
I have noticed that near the end of the season the fruits are much sweeter.
In the shops they are selling 4 for R20 or R70/kg
So its a valuable item to grow.
Most days I put one in the children's lunch boxes - it means I have saved money on buying fruit.
I have also been able to give away a lot - which has been great.
Im planning on planting more vines, just clearing up an area in the back garden.
Not a lot of flowers, I have neglected my garden a lot.
but we have 2 weeks of school holidays now where I can catch up.
I bought some bulbs this month, I can plant them in the middle of April - Ixia, Freesia, Muscari and Ipheion (Spring star flower)
In February I got seeds; Sweetpeas, African Daisy, Peas (for eating), Lupin, Nasturtium.
I can plant most of these now.

Today is a grey day, its a cooler and feels like winter

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