Sunday, March 1, 2015

whats up?

A whole week has passed since my last post ... Ive been BUSY

We had family come to stay for a few days, a medical issue, a cricket match till 6pm, a school outing, power outages & load shedding a few times, no water one morning, a sick child and I think I was at the shops EVERY SINGLE DAY (I don't like shopping daily) ... it was a busy busy week.

I also started 2 new courses on Coursera and another pair of socks, knit a few squares on my blanket and I made a few bracelets for an order.

I did get these 2 lovely mini Opal skeins, they are 10g each, from my friend Liz who owns a LYS in Hillcrest; Wool n weave.
They are tiny and so cute!

Yesterday we went out to do a few things and stopped past the IreneVillage Market, we haven't been there in 10 years. It has changed a lot and is nothing like I remember it but I only wanted to go to one stall - One of a Kind Yarns. And it was full of lovely yarns - beautiful colours. I picked up a few to make socks and shawls.

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