Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Autumn is a funny season, Im not very fond of the rusty brown colours and the yellowing grass ... this is the view from my kitchen window at the moment.
But Autumn has its benefits; cooler days, warm soups with croutons floating on top, endless hot drinks and crunchy leaves under your feet!
Second lemon off this tree 

crunchy leaves

bright orange honeysuckle

This iceberg is looking great, Ive never seen it so happy before.
Lots of flowers and glossy leaves.
It must be in the right spot, because I haven't done anything special here.

I used up the last of this seasons granadillas/passionfruit
 These are granadilla muffins ... not so sure about one
The seeds are quite crunchy and it feels like they are popping in your mouth as you eat the muffin!
But the house smells so wonderful ...

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