Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Recycled book

Looks like a regular old book...
It was R1 (US$0.08) at a second hand bookshop ... and no I did not buy it to read. I bought it because it had a pretty cover!

Now its starting to look a bit different ... the pages are not neat and crisp.... because I cut them on my guillotine! I really like the rustic look though so I'm happy with it.

Look - its a notebook!

Lots of blank pages waiting to be filled!

Here is the back cover - I did tear a little bit of the spine so I touched up with a brown Sharpie

Here is a view from the top - I probably should have added more pages. But this allows space if I want to glue things onto the pages. I also added a bookmark, because I love bookmarks :) and I have A LOT of ribbon!!

I plan to make more, but I need more glue first!

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