Wednesday, May 13, 2015

odds and ends

Tidying up my wardrobe this evening and I found this bright scarf that Ive only worn once - it makes me so happy but the colours are quite sharp!
Anyway I realised why I like it so much - it matches the flowers from my garden!

Here are the same flowers on a chest of drawers in my bedroom, they don't match the surrounding items (that are all soft cream shades) at all ... but I love them.
Such a nice pop of colour.

In this grouping is a lovely candle I got at Makro (part of Walmart) it was a Christmas themed candle , the scent is Vanilla Cookies and Ive been burning it (and a few others) a lot!
It was R79 ... which is a lot less than the beautiful candles at Yankee Candles.
The labels peel off really nicely, but I left it on this one.
I bought it in March - so it was after Christmas - so if you need one too you can probably still find them there.
They help a lot during load shedding!
At the front is a cute snow globe from Typo, its a scene from Paris, very sweet, when you shake it little red hearts float around.

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