Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gold Reef City

We love this local theme park and spent the last weekend there at the theme park hotel.

Since I don't really like the rides I spend a lot of time sitting around looking at things - I liked the way they have mixed blue plumbago and red roses in this planting

The waterways are really pretty early in the morning

Chickens peck around you looking for food!

Old fashioned streets and shops

Our hotel room was in the yellow building, I really like the pink roses planted outside

A fun surprise was finding out the Minions would be there on Sat! so we got a few photos with them.
The little one was quite tired and kept sitting down ;)

The theme park closes at 5pm so most people miss this, its beautiful at dusk with the sun setting and the warm lighting around the streets and buildings.

Another early morning, racing to be first in line. I love the way the early morning is so crisp and clear. It was icy cold.

Peacocks strut around, here is one in one of the hotels

I noticed that they have traditional dancing this time. Actually they have a lot of performers wondering around entertaining the crowds; a magician, street dancers, traditional dancers, characters and can-can dancers. 
Some of those crazy dancers that you see at the robots? They are here!

We were having hot chocolate at the Mugg & Bean, and this peacock came past to see if there was any food.

It was a great trip, the children had lots of fun doing all the wild rides, and when we were done it was just a 1 hour drive home. 

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