Sunday, June 7, 2015

whats up ... buttercup?

Im sure Ive told you before how much I love finance books, audiobooks, dvds etc. I really do. Last week I was thrilled to get an invite to the Brian Tracy and Friends event, I was only able to hear the first 3 speakers before I had to fetch children from school. So I missed Brian Tracy, but I was so happy to go and listen to the first three and took pages and pages of notes.

I really enjoyed Andrew Barsa, it was the second time I had heard him speak, so I was VERY happy to get an invite to his 3 hour event yesterday. Again I took pages and pages of notes and felt very inspired.
We took the whole family, the children were good and listened quietly, I was glad they could come, he said things that are important to learn - at any age.

Afterwards we went for burgers at RocoMamas, a gorgeous trendy restaurant in Melrose Arch. It was icy cold yesterday, but we got a great table right outside in the sunshine.
The burgers are fantastic, this is my second time and I have had the same burger twice! Cheese and Bacon Beef Smashburger. WOW. What a treat!

On the home front the garden is cold and a bit sad, it means that in a few months the Irises are going to be stunning, they need the cold to produce lots of beautiful blooms.

radish anyone? The best way to serve these is roasted with potatoes, red onions and beetroot - it was a Woolworths roasting mix I bought last year. It takes the heat right out of the radish.

I cant believe some peas survived, I planted 2 packets and I thought the snails had managed to eat them all!

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