Friday, July 10, 2015

dyeing sock wool

These are sock blanks, I knit them on my small tubular knitting machine. I used 2 strands of sock wool at the same time so I would have 100g of matching self striping sock wool at the end.

Here is 1 sock blank knit with 2 strands of sock yarn (2 x 50g balls)
It fits nicely, folded up, in one of the ballbands. 
Soak it in lukewarm water with a dash of dishwashing liquid for 30 minutes
On top of the table: 1 thick layer of newspaper, 1 layer of cling film/ gladwrap, sock block doubled over (because it was too long for my table)
 A bit of painting: I mixed the powdered dye (Ashford dye for wool) with vinegar and applied it straight to the wool. I applied it with sponges and brushes and made sure it went through to the bottom layer.
Next I folded over the glad wrap

Then I rolled them up like a swiss roll.
Then steamed them in a bamboo steamer and steamed for 30 minutes.
Let it rest for 30 minutes before opening and rinsing in warm water.
Unravelled it into balls, the wound the balls onto a swift to make 2 skeins
This took 1.5 hours per 100g - a lot of work!
Let them dry overnight
 Balled them this afternoon

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