Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spar Womens Challenge

A few weeks ago we took part in the Spar Womens Challege, it was packed!
It took us 20 minutes after the official start at 2pm to reach the start line!
But it was a fun filled day and there was a medal and a goodie bag waiting for us at the end.

 It was a sea of pink ahead of and behind us!
 This is what the stadium looked like when we finished

They only took 25000 entries, some were for 10km but I think most were for the 5km race. One of my daughters said she would not do it again, there was too much pushing and shoving. The other said she would never complain about the parkrun again!
In terms of value for money, it was good.
R80 got you a tshirt, cap, race number & magazine
Once you finished the race you received a medal and a goodie bag.
The goodie bag had 2 full sized cooldrinks, samples of lots of creams & lotions, food items included were a packet of chips, rice, cereal bar, sugar sachets, there were also some discount vouchers to use online and 2 recipe books
At the stadium there were stands handing out products and samples, I collected 3 magazines and a digital subscription, sample of Vanolia bubble bath, Clere full sized bottle of lotion, lipice, and samples of nutrilife & chocolate milk. The children were each given 2 rolls of Super C sweets. FitBit sent us a 10% off voucher to purchase their products but we didn't use it in time!
But the very best part was watching the lady who was sitting in front of us, win the car. She was jumping and screaming with her whole family around her.
We had the best seat in the house :)
Here is my medal, its the first medal I have ever won so I framed it :)

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