Friday, November 20, 2015

painting doors

Life has become so busy, I feel like all I do is play catch up.
Washing, cleaning, cooking.
Fetching, shopping, ironing.
So I took the afternoon off and repainted the bathroom cupboard doors.
I didn't take a before picture because they were gross :)
I think this bathroom was from the 80s when the house was built.
I had to buy 4 door handles and longer screws for this project, I had everything else here at home.
  1. painted the doors with paint I found in the garage, realized the colour was too dark ... decided to lighten it
  2. white washed the painted doors - diluted white acrylic paint with water.
  3. shoved dinner in the oven while I waited for it to dry :)
  4. drilled holes for the door handles - my drill is small and Sos has hidden the other one from me so I had to drill from the front and the back to make the hole go through... it took a while!
  5. screwed in the door handles ... as well as the drill being too short, the bit was also too thin so it was hard work screwing in the screws.
  6. mixed some white acrylic filler with the darker paint to fill in the old holes around the door handles ... maybe I should have done that earlier? Filled up some holes and gaps around the rest of the bathroom - since I had made up too much.
  7. sprayed it a few times with clear varnish ... not sure if I needed to do it ... but I thought it was a good idea.
  8. tidied up, cleaned the paint off my hands and served dinner.

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