Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Run of the roses

So the reason we were at Ludwigs, was to take part in the "Run of the Roses" it was a 4km walk/run
Here was the start of the 8km race, we had to release balloons as we started
The course was rustic :)
First we had to work our way around a giant ditch of water ... then running through dirt (a lot ended up in our shoes!) ... up and down slopes ... it took me longer to complete than the parkrun (which is 5km)
The scenery was beautiful.
they took us past roses, through a nature reserve part where some of my family saw a zebra (I missed it)

At the end we all got a medal
Ben ran ahead and accidently did the 8km route - so Sos ended up going back to find him (he also did 8kms at the end)
Very stressful.
 Because we were there I decided to buy 2 rose bushes - I loved the colour on this one - and it helped that its called SOS :)

Then I saw my friend Sue's rose - the dogs ate the root ball of my one here at home. So I bought another one.
Here are some pretty archway pictures that I took on the way out

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