Tuesday, January 12, 2016

6 hanging dishtowels

I was given a similar dishtowel in the Christmas swap last month, and I had a few dishtowels here waiting to be embroidered ... so I decided to make hanging dishtowels instead
The benefit is that 1 regular dishtowel is cut in half to make 2 hanging dishtowels
I used this tutorial (but I gathered mine instead of pleating)
I found fabric and buttons in my stash to match the dishtowels and whizzed them up this morning
And I did button holes :)
You are probably going to be surprised, but its my first time doing button holes.
I usually just avoid them ... I use press studs or Velcro instead.
But I only had black Velcro here so I decided to try them.
Im thrilled that they worked :)


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