Friday, May 6, 2016

a parcel of yarn and some sewing

Millicent (These Little Hands Podcast) sent me this beautiful package of yarn ... the wrapping was so lovely!
It was wrapped with a velvet ribbon!
Inside were 9 balls of Rowan 4 ply cotton in a lovely yellow, I thought they would be perfect to knit something for Emily, her favourite colour is yellow
There was also this 50g ball of Hartlam sock yarn - look how pretty it is tied up with a gingham ribbon :)
Thank you Millicent - you made my day!

Onto sewing, today I finished Ems dress (look how perfectly the dress matches the new yarn!)

Actually I think its a bit big... I hope she grows before summer!
I had to do a lot of adjusting because the fabric was too thin to use on its own, so I lined it.

Here you can see the lining, I treated both fabrics as 1 piece to make it easier to sew, the only place it became complicated was the hem - it was too thick. I used biased binding there and it has worked out fine.

I had these buttons in my button box, in this picture the colour seems a bit off, but you can see how well they blend in, in the next photo


It did take longer than the first one, because of all the extra fiddling with the lining.
Im happy that I have finished it :)

this was the pattern I used (same as last time)

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