Monday, May 16, 2016

catch up

Ive been working hard :)
I pulled out my knitting machine and Ive been whizzing up baby blankets - here is one in progress
Its on the dining room table

I used sock yarn held double to get this effect
Its great, I have so many sock yarn scraps that needed to be used
And as much as I would love to knit them into socks - its not going to happen!
I have so many balls of new yarn that I haven't even started yet.
Anyway... sock yarn held double ... tension 10 on the knitting machine and 20 minutes later a blanket!

I still have to remove the waste yarn and bind off
I crocheted an edge on one - it finishes it off nicely so I might do that with the other 4
Yip - I made 5!

I also made this cowl
I picked up this bamboo yarn (one of a kind BAMSI) a while ago, but never really found a use for it.
I decided to knit it into a scarf on the knitting machine - I held the yarn double.
It only made half a scarf …
what can you do with half a scarf?
Kitchener stitch the 2 ends together and call it a cowl

There are a few other things to show you but Ill save it for another post
I love stash busting :)
Unfortunately Im using up the yarn and buying fabric!


Linda said...

Lovely blanket and cowl. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Vikki said...

thanks :)