Monday, May 2, 2016

Starbucks @ Mall of Africa

so Starbucks has arrived in South Africa, last week we tried to go to the one in Rosebank but the queue was SO LONG ... there was no way we could stand there for a few hours.
Then Starbucks opened at MALL OF AFRICA
We knew the lines were long there too but took a chance
After 1hour15 minutes we were at the front
There is something about the waiting and anticipation that builds up your expectations
And Starbucks did not disappoint!
By the time we got to the front we were all hungry :)
So we got the children sandwiches (bacon & cheese French toasties and a ham & cheese toastie) which the barista toasted so it was nice and hot
The children LOVED it :)
We we undecided but then as the queue moved we saw the pastries on display so we got brownies and toffee shortbreads
so nice to taste REAL BUTTER in shop bought cookies/bakes

We got some coffees too, at the beginning I was wanting a hot coffee but after an hour in the queue I needed something cold.
So 3 of us got iced coffees, 1 got a strawberries & cream milk drink (sorry I forgot the name!) and 1 got a hot coffee.

They also have coffee mugs (a bit steep at R250 per mug), coffee beans, chocolates & chocolate coins with the starbucks lady/mermaid/??? on the front, pins and bangles.
There were lots of comfortable chairs available, so even though the wait was long your experience inside was relaxed and chilled :)

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