Thursday, May 19, 2016

stash busting baby blankets

Here are 2 of those stash busting baby blankets I was telling you about the other day
I used sock yarn held double and the knitting machine :)
The purple one has just been bound off and steam blocked
I was given 3 balls of acrylic regia 4ply in purple once - that's what I used as the 2nd yarn, that's why it looks mostly purple. The other stripes are small pieces tied together.

The green one has a bamboo DK crocheted edging
One of the 2 yarns was a mohair/wool blend that I tried to knit socks with but it was just too thin, I also tried to use it in a shawl but it just didn't work for me.
I like the way this has turned out :)
And I LOVE the way the green/blue bamboo coordinates around the edges - I seem to buy the same colours over and over again!


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