Saturday, June 4, 2016

Apple Butter

I had too many apples, it felt like they were multiplying in my fridge! So this morning I made a quick batch of apple butter.

I tried this new recipe because my slow cooker is busy cooking dinner for tonight

The recipe called for apple juice (which I didn't have) so I hauled out the juicing machine and made up some apple juice with the remaining apples ... and pears - where did those come from??

The apple juice went into the apple butter, we drank the apple and pear juice.

So you might be wondering, what is apple butter?
I saw it online years ago, and the first time we went to USA I tried to buy some - but it was hard to find! Maybe it was my accent but no-one had heard of it. Finally after visiting a few shops, over a few weeks, we found some, we smeared it onto warm cinnamon/raison bagels.

Since then I have made it a number of times, its hard to find bagels here and we don't get the cinnamon/raison ones, so we use it on toast.

Its a bit like an apple jam, with a little bit a cinnamon.
It is called 'butter' because of its consistency - it has no butter in it.

So if you have a spare bag of apples in your house maybe its time to try a new recipe :)

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