Friday, August 19, 2016


My daisy has bloomed and its white!

It has become a massive plant, about knee height and about 1.5m wide!

tiny little Grape Hyacinths

I went a bit wild with my pruning this year. I was holding my breath HOPING that the roses would shoot - so I was very relieved to see this!

The daffodils are looking lovely

This daisy is so full of flowers I can hardly see the leaves!

And staying with the flowery theme, I finished this fun spring tea cozy today

I love the white rose with the sparkly yarn!


ruthsplace said...

I love seeing your garden pictures. I miss my winter bulbs and roses. Roses like a hard prune from time to time, I'd be confident of getting a great display of flowers from them this year.

Vikki said...

Hi Ruth, the roses are looking amazing this week! so much new growth :) And I found a fuschia flowering this morning, I don't remember when it was planted there, such a nice surprise! :) hope you are well!

Makanan Sehat Bagi Penderita Thalasemia said...

nice flower, this is so wonderful

Vikki said...

thank you :)