Friday, August 12, 2016

in the garden

The weather is warming up and there are signs of life in my garden :)
Last weekend we had visitors and I was able to send them home with a bag of vegetables (radish, rocket, fennel, granadillas)

Daffodils about to bloom

I planted this daisy last year, its been getting bigger and bigger, I still don't know what colour the flowers are going to be - I keep watching the buds! I think it might be pink

I made ice cubes with these violas

view from the bench, everything is a bit overgrown! I will wait a few more weeks before I start planting out summer veg

These are rocket gone to seed, the flowers are so pretty I don't want to cut them down. This batch or rocket self seeded so its everywhere :)

a daisy right where to tomatoes are supposed to be :)

Here are some vegetables, lettuce (new seedlings), radish & beetroot from seed

carrots, radish (from seed) with a few flowers (self seeded) in between and a few more lettuce

Spinach (last seasons planting) and some self seeded little daisies

I refreshed the tin teacups with new succulents - cuttings from elsewhere in the garden

the birds are busy building nests - they are very chirpy!

close up

And this one is trying to build a nest in the rose bush (creeper) last year it tried as well, but it did not last.

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